Our Holistic Approach

Harmonizing Science and Serenity

At Ethos Plastic Surgery, we blend aesthetic precision with holistic wellness to craft an experience where beauty resonates from the inside out.

Dr. Ginger Xu, an Ivy-League-trained plastic surgeon, practices with a philosophy that comprehensive care extends beyond surgical procedures. Here, cutting-edge surgical techniques meet time-honored wellness practices, offering you a transformative journey that respects the integrity of your natural beauty and promotes lasting well-being.

Call (415) 506-4300 or contact us online today to learn more about Dr. Xu’s unique approach to plastic surgery and how it can benefit you! Dr. Xu is a Harvard trained plastic surgeon with expertise in facelift, neck lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and other plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Xu's Holistic Vision in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Xu’s approach to plastic surgery transcends the conventional, blending rigorous scientific training with a soulful understanding of the arts and humanities. Drawing from her own experiences and Eastern philosophies, she views every procedure as part of a larger narrative of each patient’s contentment.

This perspective ensures that the changes made are not just skin deep but also align with your life’s balance and harmony. It’s a practice that values the synchronization of body, mind, and spirit, leading to results that are not only visually pleasing but also life-affirming.

Dr. Xu’s holistic plastic surgery approach encompasses:

Understanding the Whole You:

Dr. Xu begins with an in-depth consultation that explores more than your surgical desires. She delves into your lifestyle, values, and aesthetic goals to ensure the proposed treatments align with your overall vision. This comprehensive understanding allows for surgical plans that are uniquely tailored to each individual, acknowledging that each person’s anatomy, medical history, and personal goals are as unique as their fingerprints.

Physical Health:

Before any surgical plan is implemented, we prioritize understanding and optimizing your physical health. Dr. Xu will help assess and prepare your body for surgery, confirming you are in optimal health to have the best surgical outcome and recovery process.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being:

Recognizing the significant role mental and emotional health play in the healing process, we place a strong emphasis on your psychological readiness for surgery. Dr. Xu and her team provide resources and support to help manage stress, set realistic expectations, and foster a positive mindset, which are all critical for a successful surgical journey and recovery.

board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Meet Dr. Ginger Xu

Dr. Xu embraces the responsibility and transformative opportunity to alter a patient’s appearance in a way that is congruent with their own values and matches a more cohesive sense of self; to realign the external with the internal; to create an improved emotional landscape and a better life. These ideals captivate and inspire her every day.

Nutrition and Lifestyle:

A holistic approach also entails considering your nutrition and lifestyle. Dr. Xu may provide guidance on diet and exercise regimens that can prepare your body for surgery and aid in a swift, smooth recovery. This plan might include anti-inflammatory foods, supplements to support healing, and activities that enhance physical resilience.

Environmental and Social Factors:

We consider the environmental and social factors that could influence your recovery and long-term satisfaction with your surgery. This includes ensuring that you have a supportive home environment conducive to healing and considering how the changes will impact your social and professional interactions.

Long-Term Wellness and Care:

Our holistic approach is not just about the immediate postoperative period but extends to long-term care and maintenance. Dr. Xu considers the aging process and how the surgical results will evolve over time, offering advice and treatments that focus on longevity and sustaining the natural beauty of your results.

Aesthetic Harmony and Balance:

From an aesthetic standpoint, a holistic approach means creating results that harmonize with your natural features. Dr. Xu uses her artistic eye to strive for balance and proportion, respecting the existing beauty and working to enhance it in a seamless and graceful way.

Dr. Xu is not just a skilled plastic surgeon but also an empathetic and compassionate individual who truly cares about her patients' well-being. From the initial consultation to the final result, every step of the process exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend Dr. Xu highly enough for her exceptional expertise and remarkable commitment to achieving outstanding results. First and foremost, Dr. Xu demonstrated a remarkable level of knowledge and expertise. During the initial consultation, she took the time to thoroughly understand my desires, concerns, and expectations. Her ability to listen attentively and provide insightful recommendations set my mind at ease and instilled a high level of trust in her abilities. The natural-looking outcome has significantly enhanced my self-confidence, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life. Thank you, Dr. Xu, for your exceptional work and for positively impacting my life in ways I never imagined possible!

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