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Breast Revision Surgery and Breast Implant Removal in San Francisco, CA

While many patients who undergo implant-based breast augmentation are happy with their results, some may experience complications or changes in their aesthetic preferences over time that require breast revision surgery or breast implant removal. These procedures can help restore a woman’s confidence in her appearance, alleviate discomfort or pain, and help her realize the breast appearance that aligns with her current aesthetic goals and personal preferences.

Breast revision surgery is a specialized procedure that is designed to address issues that arise after the initial breast augmentation surgery. This may include implant rupture or deflation, capsular contracture or hardening of the implants, implant malposition, or size and shape dissatisfaction. Revision surgery may involve the removal or replacement of the existing implants with newer generation implants that feel softer and appear more natural, partial or complete capsule removal, fat transfer, or the reshaping of the breast tissue to achieve the desired result.

Breast implant removal is another option for patients who wish to remove their breast implants entirely. Some women may choose to have their implants extracted for personal or health reasons, such as discomfort or an implant rupture. In other cases, patients may simply decide years later to return to their original breast size, or they may feel their breast size no longer matches the rest of their frame after changes that have occurred due to weight loss or pregnancy. After implant removal, patients may also consider options such as fat transfer or breast lift surgery to address deflation or skin sag and help enhance the appearance of their breasts.

At Ethos Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu offers breast revision surgery and implant removal services to help women achieve the breast appearance they want. Dr. Xu understands that every woman’s needs and goals are unique, and she takes a personalized approach to each patient’s care. 

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Why Choose Dr. Xu for Breast Implant Removal and Breast Revision Surgery in San Francisco?

As an Ivy League-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Xu has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to breast revision and implant removal surgery. She values each patient as an individual and takes the time to listen to their concerns and goals for the procedure. Dr. Xu considers it an honor to be entrusted with the care of her patients and the opportunity to help them improve their appearance and confidence.

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Xu understands the relationship between how your breast appearance may affect how you feel as a woman. As a woman herself, she can also more closely relate to your goals and where you’re coming from. Many patients find this commonality and understanding a reassuring part of working with a female plastic surgeon like Dr. Xu.

Patients in the San Francisco area choose Dr. Xu for her expertise, compassionate approach, and eye for natural-looking results. She is one of the few board-certified plastic surgeons on the West Coast who has completed the rigorous Harvard Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship, which accepts only one applicant each year. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to patient care make her an excellent choice for breast revision and implant removal surgery.

Our Approach to Cosmetic Breast Surgery – Small Breast Beauty

At our practice, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cosmetic breast surgery. This individualism and diversity in beauty outcomes are cherished by Dr. Xu, and she is committed to offering her patients the best possible care.

One of the reasons why our approach stands out is our belief in “Small Breast Beauty.” Dr. Xu is an advocate for natural-looking breast surgery (whether through augmentation or revision surgery) that is based on shape rather than size as a way to enhance a woman’s body and beauty. Bigger is not better, and breasts don’t have to be large to be beautiful. We dispel the common misconception that breast surgery only results in an artificial, overdone appearance. Our goal is to create a natural, enhanced breast appearance that matches the rest of your body, and we are committed to achieving that for each patient. 

board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Meet Dr. Ginger Xu

Dr. Xu embraces the responsibility and transformative opportunity to alter a patient’s appearance in a way that is congruent with their own values and matches a more cohesive sense of self; to realign the external with the internal; to create an improved emotional landscape and a better life. These ideals captivate and inspire her every day.

Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery or Breast Implant Removal

There are a number of reasons why women may want breast revision surgery or implant removal, including:

Implant Deflation

 Implant deflation applies only to saline implants and can occur due to a variety of factors, such as natural wear and tear, trauma, or a manufacturing defect. When an implant deflates, it can result in asymmetry between the breasts, a less full appearance, and even discomfort. In these cases, implant replacement surgery is typically necessary to restore the breast’s natural look and feel.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant, causing it to constrict and harden over time. This can result in a breast deformity, discomfort, and even pain. Revision surgery for capsular contracture usually involves removing the scar tissue and replacing the implant to restore the breast’s natural appearance and feel.

Implant Rippling or Wrinkling

 In some cases, breast implants may develop ripples or wrinkles, particularly in thinner patients with less natural breast tissue. This can be especially noticeable in certain positions or when wearing tight clothing. Revision surgery for implant rippling or wrinkling may involve switching to a different implant type, placing the implant in a different tissue plane, or fat transfer to improve the breast’s smoothness and contour.

Size or Shape Dissatisfaction

 Sometimes, a patient may be unhappy with the results of their initial breast augmentation surgery. This can occur if the implant size or shape does not match their aesthetic goals or if their preferences change over time. In these cases, revision surgery may involve replacing the implant with a different size or shape or transferring fat to achieve the desired look and feel.

Implants No Longer Wanted

 Finally, some women may choose to have their breast implants removed altogether, either for personal or health reasons. This may include cases where the patient experiences health complications related to the implants, such as implant rupture or leakage, or if they decide that they no longer want to have implants for personal reasons. Implant removal surgery may involve removing the entire implant and capsule alone, or also performing a breast lift or fat transfer to achieve an optimal breast shape and contour.

Breast Revision Surgery and Implant Removal Procedure Details

Breast revision surgery and implant removal procedures are personalized to meet each patient’s unique needs and goals. Dr. Xu will discuss the best surgical approach and technique for your individual situation, including whether a breast lift or fat grafting may be necessary. 

During the procedure, Dr. Xu may remove the implant and surrounding scar tissue (capsulectomy), replace the implant, or perform a combination of both. Dr. Xu has found that the majority of revision surgeries are due to capsular contracture, which will require partial or complete removal of the capsule. 

If a capsulectomy is required, Dr. Xu may perform an en-bloc procedure, in which the implant and surrounding scar tissue are removed together as a single unit. This technique is used when the capsule is particularly thick or when there is concern about implant rupture or contamination. It’s important to note that Dr. Xu will only perform this procedure if it is indicated and safe for the patient. 

For patients who choose to have their implants removed, fat grafting may be an option to restore lost breast volume and shape. This procedure involves removing excess fat from another area of the body via liposuction, purifying the fat, and then injecting it into the breasts to enhance their appearance. Dr. Xu can discuss whether fat grafting is a suitable option for you during your consultation.

Dr. Xu also offers breast lift surgery to address sagging or drooping breasts, which can occur after implant removal. During the procedure, excess skin is removed, and the breast tissue is reshaped and lifted to create a more youthful and lifted appearance.

After the procedure, patients will need to follow post-operative instructions carefully, including restrictions on physical activity and wearing a supportive garment. Recovery time will vary depending on the extent of the surgery and individual healing times.

Partner with Dr. Ginger Xu, a Leading Female Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco

Being a female plastic surgeon allows Dr. Xu to relate to and empathize with her breast revision and implant removal patients on a more personal level. 

“Women face a unique set of challenges as we are confronted by societal messaging regarding idealized figures and body types. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is society’s noise versus your own true voice in the matter. As a woman, I understand what it’s like to navigate this while also trying to stay true to what you want for your own body, on your own terms, regardless of what other people think, or how it fits into norms or not. Ultimately, doing what’s right for you is the greatest act of self-care.”      

Dr. Xu firmly believes in plastic surgery that is an expression of self-love, body positivity, and emphasizing natural beauty. She can relate to why you may want to have a cosmetic procedure done and advise you on the best ways to reach your desired results.

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Dr. Ginger Xu will work with you to create a personalized surgical plan that addresses your unique needs and goals, using the most advanced techniques and technology available. The team at Ethos Plastic Surgery is committed to providing you with excellent care and results.

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San Francisco Breast Revision and implant removal surgery

Capsular contracture is a complication that can occur after breast augmentation surgery. It happens when scar tissue forms around the breast implant and tightens over time, resulting in breast hardness, discomfort, or deformity.

Breast implant illness is a term used to describe a range of symptoms that some women with breast implants report experiencing, such as fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, and other systemic symptoms. While there is no definitive evidence that breast implants directly cause these symptoms, some women have reported improvement in their symptoms after having their implants removed. It’s important to note that breast implant illness is not an official medical diagnosis and there is ongoing research to better understand its causes and potential treatments.

A saline implant rupture will present as a sudden deflation or decrease in breast size, usually on one side only. A silicone breast implant rupture can be difficult to detect without medical imaging. Some signs that your silicone implant may have ruptured include a change in breast shape or size, breast pain, swelling, or tenderness, and a feeling of firmness or hardness in the breast. It’s important to note that some silicone ruptures may not cause any noticeable symptoms.

At Ethos Plastic Surgery, Dr. Xu offers a peace-of-mind implant surveillance program that uses advanced imaging technology to detect potential implant issues early. The program includes in-office breast imaging with ultrasound to monitor implant integrity and identify any changes or abnormalities without the need to make an additional appointment with another provider. This service can help provide patients with peace of mind and detect potential issues early, allowing for prompt treatment.

The recovery period after breast revision surgery or implant removal will vary depending on the extent of the procedure and the patient’s individual healing process. Generally, patients can expect to experience some degree of swelling, bruising, and discomfort for the first few days following the surgery.

Patients will need to wear a supportive garment for a period of time to help reduce swelling and promote proper healing, and some may require use of a drain. It is essential to follow all of Dr. Xu’s post-operative instructions carefully, including any restrictions on physical activity and the use of pain medications.

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