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Over time, a woman’s breasts face the challenges of time, gravity, or life events like pregnancy and breastfeeding. They may have also altered due to weight changes or simply genetics.

Cosmetic breast surgery can be a transformative decision, shaping not just the body but also influencing self-confidence and well-being. For those seeking to elevate and volumize their breasts, a breast lift with implants (augmentation-mastopexy) may be the ideal solution. This procedure can revitalize the shape and volume of your breasts, bringing balance and renewed self-assurance.

A breast lift focuses on removing excess skin, tightening the remaining skin, and repositioning the breasts and nipples. When combined with saline or silicone breast implants, the procedure also adds volume, achieving a fuller and uplifted look. For a more natural approach to a breast lift with breast augmentation, patients can also combine their breast lift procedure with fat transfer, which adds volume and shape without breast implants.

Dr. Ginger Xu, an Ivy League-trained female plastic surgeon, designs each surgery to resonate with your personal aesthetic goals. We invite you to contact us online or call (415) 506-4300 to embark on this transformative journey. Dr. Xu is prepared to guide you through every step of your journey, ensuring the choices you make align with your desired outcome.

Why Choose Dr. Xu for Your Breast Lift with Implants in San Francisco?

Being a Harvard-trained female plastic surgeon, Dr. Xu possesses a unique understanding of the intricate balance between aesthetics and emotions connected to breast appearance. She is committed to unveiling the beauty that aligns with each individual’s inner sense of self.

The field of plastic surgery demands precision, empathy, profound anatomical knowledge, and an innate artistic touch. Dr. Xu’s approach to breast surgeries revolves around “natural enhancement.” She aims to provide results that are both flattering and harmonious with the body’s overall proportions.

What Is a Breast Lift with Implants?

A breast lift with implants, or augmentation mastopexy, merges the surgical principles of a breast lift and breast augmentation. It elevates sagging breasts and, by incorporating implants, introduces volume and fullness. Dr. Xu meticulously removes excess skin and inserts the chosen implants to sculpt the patient’s desired breast profile.

Dr. Xu utilizes two methods of breast lift and augmentation approaches:

Combining a Breast Lift with Breast Implants

Integrating a breast lift with breast implants can significantly enhance the outcome. Introducing breast implants particularly contributes to the fullness in the upper breast area, which often sees a loss of volume that a breast lift alone might not attain. Together, these procedures can collaboratively refine your breast contour and position. Opting for smaller implants is a possibility; even a modest-sized implant can make a significant impact and achieve the desired aesthetic for an individual.

Combining a Breast Lift with Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

While this approach cannot technically be referred to as a “breast lift with implants,” it provides another method of achieving a similar outcome. Fat grafting to the breasts, often called fat transfer, is a natural method of enhancing the breasts. This involves extracting surplus fat from a specific body part through liposuction and then injecting it elsewhere to enhance volume and shape. For someone getting a breast lift, incorporating transferred fat can improve the fullness and contour of the breasts. This technique might be especially attractive to those wishing to avoid traditional breast implants or those seeking a more organic aesthetic outcome.

Our Approach to Augmentation Mastopexy

Small Breast Beauty

The mantra of “Bigger is Always Better” is outdated. Dr. Xu adopts a contemporary stance, endorsing the “Small Breast Beauty” principle – where breast aesthetics isn’t merely about size but equally about shape. There’s a prevailing myth that breast augmentation results in an unnatural appearance, but the mark of an expertly executed surgery is its undetectability. Even a modest augmentation can often be transformational. Many women mistakenly think that breast augmentation equates to opting for large implants, but they are unaware of the availability of smaller implant options. The ultimate aim of any breast augmentation procedure is to achieve a naturally enhanced look that complements one’s body.

Peace of Mind Implant Surveillance – Long-Term Implant Monitoring

To provide our patients with an added layer of security, we facilitate extended, high-definition ultrasound monitoring of implants post-surgery. This proactive approach helps us detect potential complications, such as implant ruptures or fluid accumulation. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our team can promptly assess the condition of your implants, addressing any issues without necessitating an external consultation.

Drain-Free Breast Procedures

Contrary to the common practice of using drains post-surgery to siphon off extra fluid, Dr. Xu’s methodology for cosmetic breast surgeries (like breast augmentation, breast lifts, and reductions) typically omits their use. This post-surgery protocol offers patients:

  • Decreased infection risks
  • Minimized discomfort
  • Elimination of potential drain-related pain
  • No inconvenience associated with drain maintenance
  • A smoother recovery experience

Awake Natural Breast Surgery

Dr. Xu possesses unique expertise in “awake surgery,” a method in which surgery is performed using local anesthesia. This allows the patient to remain awake and alert throughout the procedure. This technique can only be utilized for patients opting for a natural breast lift and augmentation, wherein fat from various body parts is harvested and then introduced to the breasts.

Benefits of awake breast surgery include:

  • Bypassing the potential complications linked to general anesthesia, resulting in significantly fewer possible side effects.
  • The body experiences reduced strain, often leading to a more rapid healing process.
  • A more viable choice for individuals who either have health-related restrictions against general anesthesia or have reservations about using it.
  • Xu employs the awake surgery technique specifically for patients wanting to relocate fat (through liposuction) to the breasts, buttocks, or hips.
board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Meet Dr. Ginger Xu

Dr. Xu’s passion lies in the art of transformation. She cherishes the opportunity to align a patient’s exterior with their self-image, creating a harmonious resonance between appearance and inner self. Every patient’s journey with her is a shared adventure towards self-discovery and enhancement.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift with Implants?

A breast lift with implants is often sought by women who experience both volume loss and sagging, especially post-pregnancy or significant weight changes. This procedure is tailored for those wanting both an elevation and an augmentation of their breasts.

Ideal candidates:

  • Suffer severe ptosis
  • Experience volume loss in the breasts, exacerbating ptosis
  • Are at risk of exacerbating ptosis further with implants alone
  • Have experienced pregnancy, transformational weight loss or both

However, it’s essential to have a thorough medical evaluation and consultation to determine if this combination surgery aligns with your health and expectations.

What Happens During a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

In your pre-surgical meeting, Dr. Xu will evaluate and choose the best incision technique suited for your breast’s size, shape, level of droopiness, skin resilience, and areola placement. For all her breast enhancement patients, Dr. Xu is meticulous in ensuring the scars remain as discreet as possible once healed.

Your tailored surgical plan will determine the exact procedures entailed in your personalized breast lift with implants. Once you are comfortably sedated under anesthesia, Dr. Xu will opt for one of the incision designs to reposition your breasts for a more elevated and fuller look on your chest:

  • Periareolar or donut lift (a circular incision around the areola)
  • Vertical or lollipop lift (combining the above with a vertical incision descending from the areola)
  • T-incision or anchor lift (integrating the above with a horizontal incision beneath the breast, forming an inverted ‘T’)

Dr. Xu will then insert an implant (or transferred fat), adjust the position as needed, carefully close all incisions, and conclude the surgery.

What Can I Expect During My Breast Lift with Implants Recovery?

Post-operative care for a breast lift with implants follows guidelines similar to other breast surgeries. It is usually an outpatient procedure. Recovery typically spans one to two weeks, during which strenuous activities should be avoided.

As part of her individualized approach to surgery, Dr. Xu will provide detailed instructions to ensure you have a safe and effective recovery, including how to care for your incisions and when to return for follow-up visits. Dr. Xu’s drainless breast lift and breast augmentation techniques also provide a more comfortable healing experience.

Bay Area Female Plastic Surgeon

Being a female plastic surgeon allows Dr. Xu to relate to and empathize with her patients on a more personal level, especially when it comes to breast surgery. Breast appearance is a significant aspect of a woman’s physical appearance and self-esteem and can profoundly impact how she feels about herself. A female plastic surgeon is in a unique position to understand these concerns as she is also a woman and can relate to the experiences and emotions associated with breast appearance.

“As a woman, I understand what it’s like to navigate societal expectations while staying true to your goals and desires regardless of other people’s opinions. Ultimately, doing what’s right for you is the greatest act of self-care.”     

Dr. Xu firmly believes that plastic surgery is an expression of self-love, body positivity, and emphasizing natural beauty. She can relate to why you may want to have a cosmetic procedure done and advise you on the best ways to reach your desired results.

Schedule Your San Francisco Breast Lift with Implants Consultation with Dr. Xu

Your consultation with Dr. Xu is the foundation of your transformative journey. It’s a space to share your vision, understand the procedure, and map out your path with Dr. Xu. If you’re contemplating a breast lift with implants, contact us online or call (415) 506-4300 today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


San Francisco Breast Lift with Implants

The cost of a breast lift with implants varies based on location, surgeon’s expertise, and other factors. For these reasons, it’s essential to consult with Dr. Xu for an accurate estimate tailored to your needs. We provide a detailed cost breakdown for every patient after their initial breast lift with implants consultation.

After undergoing a breast lift with implants, it’s essential to give your body ample time to heal before resuming exercise. Typically, the timeline is as follows:

  • First Week: Avoid any form of strenuous activity. Light walking is encouraged to promote circulation, but any activity that elevates the heart rate or blood pressure should be avoided.
  • 2-3 Weeks Post-Op: Light aerobic activities like walking or stationary cycling can be reintroduced. However, refrain from exercises that target the upper body or place strain on the chest.
  • 4-6 Weeks Post-Op: Most patients can start to reintroduce more moderate exercises. Still, weightlifting, especially targeting the chest area, should be approached with caution.
  • 6-8 Weeks Post-Op: By this time, many patients are cleared to return to their regular workout routines, including strength training and cardio. However, it’s essential to listen to your body and avoid any exercises that cause discomfort.

Many women can still breastfeed after the procedure. However, some surgical techniques might affect milk ducts or nipple sensation. It’s crucial to discuss your future breastfeeding plans with your surgeon beforehand.

While each procedure offers unique advantages, fat grafting offers a more natural approach to breast augmentation, as it uses your own body fat. This eliminates risks associated with implants, such as rupture or capsular contracture.

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