Ginger Xu, MD

Meet Dr. Ginger Xu | Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco

Dr. Ginger Xu is a Harvard-trained female plastic surgeon who has designed and built her high-touch, boutique plastic surgery practice, Ethos Plastic Surgery, in the heart of San Francisco. Dr. Xu has extensive experience with a range of cosmetic procedures, including facelift, neck lift, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, mommy makeover, and tummy tuck surgeries. 

Dr. Xu’s advanced skill, training, and artistry in these surgical procedures allow her to help her patients achieve their desired appearance, enhance their self-confidence, and live a better life. With sincere devotion to patient satisfaction and an ability to provide elegant, natural-looking results, Dr. Xu enjoys connecting with people to understand their aesthetic needs and goals. 

Continue reading to learn more about what qualities make Dr. Xu a leading female plastic surgeon in San Francisco. To schedule your confidential consultation at our high-touch boutique office, please contact Dr. Xu online or call (415) 506-4300.

board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Education & Training

  • Stanford University, B.S. 2004
  • NYU School of Medicine, M.D. 2008
  • UCSF Medical Center, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency 2015
  • Harvard BIDMC, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fellowship 2016
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery 2017

Ivy League Education and Training in Face and Body Plastic Surgery

Educated and trained at top institutions, Dr. Xu holds a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and an M.D. from New York University School of Medicine. She then completed a 7-year surgical residency program in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at UCSF Medical Center, followed by an additional fellowship in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Harvard. 

Dr. Xu was able to specialize in facelifts while in her last year of training at Harvard’s highly competitive cosmetic surgery fellowship. She earned board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 2017 by demonstrating her knowledge and commitment to medical ethics through a series of rigorous written and oral examinations. She maintains memberships with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Aesthetic Society, and the California Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Aspiring to be a doctor from an early age was one factor that prompted Dr. Xu’s lifelong pursuit of excellence. She felt a sense of responsibility to her future patients to become the best physician possible in order to provide them the highest quality of care that she would want for her loved ones. 

Dr. Ginger Xu’s Practice Philosophy

Soft, Gentle Beauty

At the heart of Dr. Xu’s practice is a philosophy of creating a soft, gentle, and authentic expression of beauty. This aesthetic is reflected in both her surgical technique and her approach to interacting with patients. She places a strong emphasis on achieving natural-looking results that are tailored to each individual’s unique body and features while avoiding harsh or overdone looks. Dr. Ginger Xu believes that true beauty radiates from the inside out, and she is dedicated to helping her patients achieve a look that reflects their inner confidence and self-esteem.

Aesthetic surgery, to me, is plastic surgery at its most refined and elegant. At the same time, there is no room for error, and with that comes a great responsibility – to deliver impeccable results with confidence, care, and empathy.

This philosophy is not just about the physical outcome of the surgery but also the overall experience of the patient. Dr. Xu has a soft touch both literally and figuratively, using her surgical skills with precision and care and also interacting with patients in a kind and compassionate manner. Dr. Xu and her team strive to create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere where patients feel at ease. We believe that the energy and vibe of the practice are important aspects of a positive patient experience. Dr. Xu and her team are committed to providing a gentle and caring approach and treating patients with the utmost compassion and empathy.

Our “Bay Area Beauty” Aesthetic

The concept of “Bay Area Beauty” is rooted in the unique aesthetic and cultural influences of the San Francisco Bay Area. This approach to beauty is characterized by natural, subtle, and understated results. It prioritizes authenticity and individuality over trends or conformity. Bay Area Beauty is about embracing and accentuating one’s natural features and unique characteristics. Whether it’s through makeup, skincare, or plastic surgery, the goal is to enhance and bring out one’s best self. This approach aligns with the Bay Area’s progressive and diverse culture, where people value self-expression and individuality.

What to Expect in Your Consultation with Dr. Xu

Dr. Xu believes in the genuine emotional and spiritual connections that form between physicians and their patients. During your consultation in her comfortable, beautifully decorated San Francisco office, she will carefully explain the steps involved in your chosen face or body procedure to ensure you have realistic expectations. 

It’s vital to be honest with Dr. Xu about what you would like to change about your appearance and why. Dr. Xu will also ask you to share your complete medical history so she can inform you of any potential risks associated with the procedure you are considering. Your consultation is a private, confidential meeting, so don’t hold anything back.

Coming to your consultation prepared with a list of questions is one of the best ways to ensure you are confident in your choice to get surgery. There’s no such thing as a frivolous question when you’re considering entrusting your health and hopes to a plastic surgeon.

board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Realign Your External with Your Internal Beauty

Dr. Xu embraces the responsibility and transformative opportunity to alter a patient’s appearance in a way that is congruent with their own values and matches a more cohesive sense of self; to realign the external with the internal; to create an improved emotional landscape and a better life. These ideals captivate and inspire her every day.

Early Life

Medicine has always been Dr. Xu’s calling, with seeds planted years ago when she read a biography of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in America, who inspired Dr. Xu with her trailblazing courage and compassion toward those in need. Dr. Xu’s mother was an OB/GYN in China in the ‘60s and ‘70s who could not continue her practice upon immigrating to the U.S. due to language barriers. She was a champion for women’s health, and it was also her dedication and love for her craft that started Dr. Xu on a similar path toward a career in medicine.

Over time, Dr. Xu discovered surgery to be the most stimulating, challenging, and rewarding career choice within medicine. In performing surgical procedures, she found her focus, a sense of purpose, and feelings of profound accomplishment. The blend of science and artistry in this field, as well as the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with patients, takes the satisfaction and joy she finds in her work to another level. Dr. Xu is dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals and improve their self-esteem, while also providing a warm, welcoming, and comfortable atmosphere where patients feel at ease.

Combining Medical Mastery, Surgical Precision, and Artistic Vision

Dr. Xu's Approach to Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Xu sees herself first and foremost as a doctor, someone who has mastered a comprehensive and solid foundation in medicine to fully assess each patient holistically—not just a surgical canvas. Second, she sees herself as a surgeon, who is well-versed in a range of surgical pathologies at a complex and high level, so that her reach and understanding of the gravity of each surgical patient is not only limited to cosmetic artistry. Last but not least, she sees herself as a cosmetic plastic surgeon who is fortunate enough to deliver surgical science combined with an art form that demands some of the greatest precision and care in the entire field of medicine.

Through aesthetic surgery, we can change people's lives in the most profound yet tangible ways. In few other fields are patients so eager for surgery. There is a unique trust and patient-doctor bond that develops, and the sensitivity required toward the individual psychology of each patient is something I naturally enjoy

With each of her patients, Dr. Xu sees a powerful, transformative opportunity: to alter someone’s appearance in a way that is congruent with their own values and better matches their sense of self, to realign the external with the internal, and to create an improved emotional landscape and a better life.  These ideals captivate and inspire her every day.

Every successful, satisfying San Francisco plastic surgery procedure starts with a great consultation. If you are ready to experience self-love and body positivity with one of the best plastic surgeons in the Bay Area, please contact Dr. Xu online or call (415) 506-4300.

A Conversation with

Dr. Ginger Xu

I am dedicated to providing thorough and detailed care to my patients. This includes a comprehensive intake process and one-hour consultations during which we discuss all aspects of the surgery, including preparation, post-op care, and potential complications. My extensive medical training has prepared me to handle a wide range of cases. I prioritize educating my patients and helping them make informed decisions about their care, whether that involves surgery or other treatment options. My ultimate goal is to help patients achieve optimal wellness and happiness.

The ginkgo leaf is a symbol of longevity, which is something that I strive for in my patient results and relationships. I appreciate the elegance of the leaf shape and how it represents the idea of endurance. When it comes to my work as a plastic surgeon, I want to create results that will last for my patients and build long-lasting relationships with them. I believe that by focusing on producing natural-looking and durable results, I can help my patients feel confident in their appearance and in their choice to work with me. The leaf is a reminder of this goal and helps to guide my approach to patient care.

I am in a beautiful office that I personally worked with a designer to create. The office is located in a shared suite on the penthouse level of a medical and dental building in downtown San Francisco. The shared reception and waiting area open onto a terrace with beautiful views of the city, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. I designed the consultation space to feel like a natural and cozy living room. The suite also includes other rooms and offices for aesthetic medicine providers, as well as a spa offering massages. My goal is for every patient to feel at ease and at home in my office.

I find the bond and relationship I develop with my patients to be the most fulfilling aspect of my work as a plastic surgeon. Being able to deliver results that exceed their expectations and bring them joy is an amazing feeling. I also enjoy the creative process of each unique surgery and the opportunity to constantly challenge myself and grow as a doctor. During patient consultations, I strive to empower my patients through thorough education and help them make the best decision for themselves. As someone who has always enjoyed working with my hands, I find plastic surgery to be particularly satisfying as I get to use my skills to create aesthetic improvements and bring beauty into the world.

I have always known that I wanted to be a doctor. My mother was an OB/GYN in China, and hearing her stories about her work and her passion for helping people as a physician really inspired me. When we immigrated to the United States, my mother was unable to continue practicing medicine due to the language barrier, which was very heartbreaking for her. I think, in a lot of ways, I was motivated to continue her tradition and follow in her footsteps. As I was going through school, I had a natural interest in human biology and enjoyed learning about anatomy and physiology. However, what really drew me to the field of medicine was the emotional and spiritual connection that I could have with patients and being there for them during their greatest time of need. I entered medical school thinking that I wanted to become a cardiologist. However, after being paired with a cardiac surgeon as a mentor and seeing my first open-heart surgery, I fell in love with the field of surgery. I was inspired by my mentor’s dedication to his patients and his commitment to providing the best care possible.

As a female plastic surgeon in San Francisco, I have a unique perspective on women’s perceptions of beauty, their bodies, and themselves. I understand how it feels to be outside of cultural norms and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In my practice, I prioritize educating my patients and creating a warm, comfortable, and inspiring environment for them. I genuinely listen to my patients and strive to honor their individuality. I am devoted to my patients and treat them with the same care I would want for myself. I have had patients tell me they felt an instant connection with me and just knew the energy was right. Others appreciate the time I take to establish a personal rapport, that I truly listen to what they want for their bodies rather than push them into a cookie-cutter plan, and that I am thorough and direct in answering their questions. Lastly, no matter what happens, I will literally hold my patients’ hands through every part of their experience.

I believe that it is my responsibility to offer my patients the highest level of care possible, and that means being the most qualified and best-trained clinician I can be. That’s why, when I was in college, I made sure to master every detail of every subject, even if it didn’t seem immediately relevant to my future career. I wanted to make sure I had a strong foundation to build on as I continued my education and training. This dedication to learning carried on throughout medical school and into my residency, where I always took patient care seriously and made sure to thoroughly understand every aspect of my work.

I also believe that the learning never stops and that it is important to continue educating oneself and staying up-to-date on new innovations and techniques in the field. That’s why I have continued to participate in conferences, join editorial boards, and collaborate with my colleagues even after completing my formal training. I believe that these efforts have set me up for success as a plastic surgeon and have allowed me to offer my patients the best possible care.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I have a variety of personal interests and hobbies that I enjoy in my free time. These include exploring new cuisines, traveling, being in nature, practicing various forms of exercise, engaging in wellness activities, playing the piano, spending time with friends, arranging flowers, visiting art museums and enjoying cultural performances, and reading poetry and fiction.

The three words that best describe my personality and philosophy are authentic, dynamic, and warm.

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