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At Ethos Plastic Surgery, our dedication to your comfort, safety, and the ethos of natural beauty is foundational to our bespoke patient experience. Embracing this, our Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Ginger Xu, specializes in gentle, awake procedures under local anesthesia, crafted to ensure a serene and reassuring experience. Her awake surgery approach offers a reduced risk profile and a more comfortable recovery, often free from typical postoperative discomforts, such as nausea, seen with general anesthesia.

The unique advantage of being awake during your procedure is the personalized interaction with Dr. Xu, allowing for on-the-spot feedback and fine-tuning. This collaborative process is instrumental in realizing outcomes that are not only optimal but also deeply attuned to your individual aesthetic goals.

If you are ready to schedule your awake cosmetic surgery consultation at our high-touch boutique practice in the heart of San Francisco, we invite you to contact Dr. Xu online or call (415) 506-4300. She will be happy to answer your questions and help you create the surgical plan that best aligns with your needs. We proudly serve patients in and around the Bay Area.

board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Meet Dr. Ginger Xu

Dr. Ginger Xu, an Ivy League-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, is at the forefront of aesthetic surgery. Her practice is built on a foundation of creating results that are both naturally beautiful and perfectly in tune with each individual’s distinctiveness. Dr. Xu’s approach is gentle and precise, prioritizing the patient’s experience and well-being throughout the surgical journey. Dr. Xu is excited to offer her adept awake plastic surgery expertise to her valued patients.

The Role of Local Anesthesia in Gentle Awake Treatments

Local anesthesia plays a pivotal role in our gentle awake options. It allows for a more comfortable and less invasive experience and aligns seamlessly with Dr. Xu’s philosophy of soft, gentle beauty. Patients often find themselves more at ease under local anesthesia, as general anesthesia can be a source of anxiety for many patients. This choice not only offers peace of mind but also significantly lowers the side effects commonly linked to general anesthesia, including nausea, grogginess, confusion, as well as other risks. Additionally, the ability to remain awake during the procedure affords real-time communication with Dr. Xu, enabling immediate feedback and adjustments, which helps in achieving the best possible results.

Our Signature Awake Procedures


Liposuction is a procedure that refines and contours specific areas of the body with stubborn, diet and exercise resistant fat. This procedure targets stubborn fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, waistline, arms, and thighs, reshaping your figure to match your vision. Dr. Xu’s expertise ensures a safe, effective treatment, with a focus on maintaining natural contours and minimizing downtime.

Fat Transfer Procedures

Facial Fat Grafting: Facial fat transfer is an artful method of reversing the signs of aging and achieving a youthful, radiant look. Dr. Xu restores volume and fullness by transferring fat to the face, including the cheeks, temples, and under-eye regions. This procedure is highly customizable, integrates well with other cosmetic treatments, improves skin quality and texture, and offers the added benefit of using your own tissue.

Natural Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation via fat transfer is ideal for those seeking a modest breast size and shape enhancement. This technique involves purifying and injecting your own fat into the breasts, creating a natural and subtle increase in fullness. It’s an excellent option for patients who desire a more natural approach. Dr. Xu believes in the concept of “small breast beauty” in which even a small augmentation can make all the difference when performed artfully.

Brazilian Butt Lift and Hip Reshaping: The BBL at Ethos goes beyond enhancing the size of the buttocks; it’s about creating a balanced, appealing silhouette. Dr. Xu skillfully transfers fat to the buttocks and reshapes the hips to achieve a natural, aesthetically pleasing shape. This procedure also includes options for hip reshaping and addressing hip dips, which achieves natural-looking results that further enhance the patient’s unique body shape.

Your Personalized Consultation with Dr. Xu

Embarking on this journey begins with a personal consultation at Ethos Plastic Surgery. This is where you’ll have the opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Ginger Xu. It’s a chance to delve into your aesthetic goals, raise any questions you might have, and ensure you’re thoroughly informed about the procedure you’re considering.

Think of this session as a collaborative dialogue, where you assess the compatibility of Dr. Xu’s expert aesthetic philosophy with your vision for natural beauty. Dr. Xu will take you through every facet of the facelift and neck lift, from the nuanced surgical approach to the expected recovery trajectory, clarifying what the process entails and confirming that you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Your health and safety are paramount. You’ll be invited to share your medical history candidly, as it’s crucial for tailoring the safest and most effective treatment plan. Should there be any health considerations that might affect your surgery or anesthesia, Dr. Xu is committed to discussing alternative options that align with your needs and goals. Your consultation is the first step toward achieving the refined, graceful results that epitomize Dr. Xu’s approach to plastic surgery.

board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ginger Xu

Partner With Dr. Ginger Xu, a Leading Female Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco

Dr. Xu firmly believes that plastic surgery is an expression of self-love, body positivity, and emphasizing natural beauty. She can relate to why you may want to have a cosmetic procedure done and advise you on the best ways to reach your desired results.

“People face a unique set of challenges as we are confronted by societal messaging regarding idealized figures and body types. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is society’s noise versus your own true voice in the matter. I understand what it’s like to navigate this while also trying to stay true to what you want for your own body, on your own terms, regardless of what other people think, or how it fits into norms or not. Ultimately, doing what’s right for you is the greatest act of self-care.”   

To schedule your San Francisco awake plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Xu, reach out to us online or call (415) 506-4300. Dr. Xu is happy to answer all your questions and help you decide if surgery will improve your self-image and quality of life.


Awake Plastic Surgery San Francisco

Absolutely. While local anesthesia is offered for its benefits, Dr. Xu also provides general anesthesia options. The choice between the two will depend on the procedure’s complexity, your health, personal comfort preferences, and Dr. Xu’s professional recommendation.

Patients often experience a quicker recovery after procedures performed under local anesthesia compared to general anesthesia. The recovery process is typically associated with less pain, fewer side effects, and a faster return to daily activities.

Local anesthesia is used to numb the targeted area, so you should not feel any pain during the procedure. You may feel some pressure or movement, but discomfort is typically minimal. Dr. Xu and her team ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

Fat transfer results are long-lasting and can be permanent. The longevity of the results can vary depending on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and how their body responds to the transferred fat. It’s important to maintain a stable weight for the most durable outcomes.

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